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Smodens Trainer Smoke Machine X-Stream

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  • The most professional and powerful smoke machine on the market
  • Constant smoke that enables simulated recreation of real-life emergencies like fires and accidents
  • Essential for fire safety training
  • Utilizes safe and eco-friendly water-based liquid for smoke creation
  • Comes with a remote that can be detached
  • Overheat protection through Direct Thermal Protection device


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It’s crucial to have the perfect tools at your disposal when you need to mimic real-life emergencies to conduct safety training. The Training Smoke Machine X-Stream is perfect when you require constant smoke.

Through its X-Stream Airflow System, air and smoke are seamlessly blended together to produce various smoky effects. It includes producing wispy, translucent smoke to heavy and dense smoke. Safety training, especially for fire circumstances, needs to be rigorous but shouldn’t put anyone in unnecessary danger.

With the Training Smoke Machine X-Stream, fire training can happen safely throughout a coverage area of a 5000 cubic meter radius without any problems. Its large size is protected by 20mm aluminum plates and 40mm lifting bars.

The Training Smoke Machine X-Stream can be used both indoor and outdoor. It is perfect for outdoor use due to the outer casing, which makes it usable even during poor weather conditions. It enables better training of personnel, as it can help them train in different weather conditions which makes them more prepared for when they have to face it in reality.

The X-Stream Trainer also has wheels, which makes it easy to move around in- and outside.

The smoke fluid used in the machine is also water-based and is safe to be used at any location. The machine utilizes heavy or medium fluid, and depending on your smoke requirements are; you could have it running for hours without the fluid being exhausted.

It can consume up to 500 ml per minute, which means that it can run for more than half-hour at maximum capacity without any problems.

The unique Direct Thermal Protection device prevents overheating and ensures that the machine can handle long and rigorous safety sessions that you are putting the students through.

With a detachable Trainer X-StreamEURTMs remote, you can also control the basic functions of this device. The massive 19-liter capacity ensures that continuous smoke can be released, and when you’re using the remote, you can start the machine at pre-set levels quite easily.

It is the ideal machine when you want to ensure reliable and thorough training for fire situations. Trainers need to plug and switch the machine on to create smoke simply. Using a remote or controlling it through the main control panel, instructors can adjust the volume and density of smoke for the best results.

Technical Specifications

  • Coverage area of 5000 cubic meters per min continuously at a lower output
  • Maximum fluid consumption: 500ml/min
  • Utilizes Heavy or Medium fluid
  • Controlled through a remote (using 3 pin XLR)
  • 2 x 2500 Watt
  • Requires 22.5 amps @ 220V electricity for smoke generation
  • Weight 167 kg
  • Length: 1140mm
  • Width: 655mm
  • Height: 645mm
  • Equipped with wheels for easy movement

Usage Areas

  • Firefighting Training Programme
  • Naval Training Camps
  • Army Training Camps
  • Marine Training
  • Air flow testing
  • Companies that conduct fire-extinguisher training programs
  • Any individual group conducting safety training for fire

200 Items
1140 mm (44.8 in.)
645 mm (25.4 in.)
655 mm (25.8 in.)
Weight (Empty)
167 kg (368 lb.)
5000 m3/min.
Fluid consumption
500 ml./min.
Idle time
10 minutes
Power Rating
2 x 2500W