Smodens Trainer Smoke Machine 501

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  • Effective for fire safety training
  • Available in different sizes to meet all training needs
  • Supplies 46600 cubic feet or 1320 m3 in 60 seconds
  • Easy to use plug & play. Just plug it in to start producing smoke
  • Includes important safety features, such as water resistance, built-in timers, and varying out-put levels


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Realistic smoke machines and smoke generators are safe and effective tools used for simulating the danger and confusion of a real fire. When you incorporate training smoke into regular training drills, it allows firefighters, first responders, and others to improve efficiency, minimize panic, and avoid disorientation so they can focus on making rescues and fighting fires.

The 501 Training Smoke Machine was designed for fire safety training and is effective for producing high volumes of realistic smoke. While our fire safety training smoke machines come in many sizes to suit your training needs, the Trainer 501 is our larger portable unit.

Designed to generate smoke instantly in extremely large areas, this smoke training system produces a massive supply of 46600 cubic feet, or 1320 m3 in just 60 seconds.

Our Trainer 501 includes a wide range of unique features to create diverse levels of powerful smoke effects. One of the features supplied in the Trainer 501 Smoke Machine is an onboard digital remote with a built-in auto-timer function that has an extendable 8 x-mode. This digital remote can be removed easily and rehoused or it can be activated via our optional wireless radio remote for operations that extend more than 30 metres away from the unit.

With varying out-put levels that allow the smooth output of 0–100% precision atmospheric controlled smoke. The integrated controller combined with the processor allows you to adjust both the intensity and density of the smoke output, ensuring an effective and constant smoke flow for smooth seamless training operations at all times.

The 501 Smoke Training Machine is also water-resistant. This Hi-Mass Vaporizing machine guarantees longer periods of output, without limiting the maximum level of efficiency. Thus, only 1500 watts of power is required to produce 1000 cubic metres of heavy smoke per minute. A 9.5 litre container means you will have longer periods of operation without having to refill so often.

The Trainer 501 Smoke Trainer is fully portable and combines all the same functions of the 301 Training Smoke Machine, only the 501 has as added output. In fact, it can be used to fill massive areas, ensuring 100% realistic smoke layering is always available for firefighters' smoke training.

Trainer 501 Specifications:

  • Coverage volume: 1320 m³ per minute equaling 46600 cubic feet
  • Ready time*: 10 minutes
  • Fluid consumption max continuous effect output: 176 ml per minute
  • Accessories: 501 Ducting Kit, Wireless Radio Remote
  • Typical Current and Power: 1800W, 15A @110V - 2100W, 9.2A @240V
  • Length: 602 mm (23.1 in.)
  • Height: 306 mm (12.1 in.)
  • Width: 395 mm (15.6 in.)
  • Weight, filled: 22.7 kg (50.0 lb.)
  • Weight, dry: 17.7 kg (39.1 lb.)

Smoke Trainer Machines Usage

  • Firefighting training drills
  • Naval Force exercises
  • First responders' training
  • EMS training
  • Law enforcement training
  • Technical/vocational school
  • High schools and college training

Training Smoke has a comprehensive range of high-quality smoke training machines and accessories available to meet any smoke training needs.

200 Items
602 mm (23.1 in.)
306 mm (12.1 in.)
335 mm (13.2 in.)
Weight (Empty)
17.7 kg (39.1 lb.)
Weight (Full)
22.7 kg (50.0 lb.)
1320 m3/min.
Fluid consumption
176 ml./min.
Idle time
10 minutes
Power Rating

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