Smodens Trainer Smoke Machine 301

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  • Smooth, uninterrupted smoke output to simulate real-life emergencies
  • Uses 100% safe, water-based liquid
  • Effective in fire safety training
  • Useful for checking airflow, tunnel airflow, and ventilation flow in industrial sites
  • Comes with an onboard remote that is detachable


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Create the ideal environment and circumstances for fire-safety training with the Trainer Smoke Machine-301. This portable smoke generator can produce dense, realistic smoke anywhere and at any time. This machine is one of the best water-based smoke simulator on the market today and offers high-reliability levels, efficient use of liquid, and low running costs.

Fire safety training environments should be safe, controlled, and optimized. The training should also meet statutory environmental standards and not foster pollution or other adverse environmental consequences. Trainer Smoke Machine-301 uses water-based fluids and generates no harmful emissions or toxic smoke. 

Hence, you can train in any space without worrying about causing harm to people in the vicinity. We put the water-based training smoke through rigorous testing to ensure maximum safety and performance. 

The machine offers a coverage volume of 660m3 per minute and comes with a digital remote to control the airflow. Trainers and other professionals can also activate the optional wireless radio remote that allows operation from a distance above 30 meters from the device.

Trainer Smoke Machine-301 delivers smooth and consistent smoke output at all times. Additionally, the water-based training smoke generator is water-resistant and comes with high-tech features. 

Our heavy-duty smoke generator machines are ready for any challenge and have efficient fluid consumption limits of 88 ml per minute. With a length of 485mm and a width of 335 mm, these smoke machines are highly portable. 

Since the machine weighs only 11.2kg when dry and 13.7 kg when filled, instructors and site staff can easily carry it to different training locations.

The use of this excellent equipment is not limited to firefighter training. Military training institutions and other defense training institutions worldwide use the quality-assured smoke generator for extinguisher training. 

Our training smoke machines feature high-quality material and components and hold better than other smoke machines in their price range. The already cased units are housed entirely in a custom case which allows for easy setup and transportation. 

All trainers have to do is plug the machine in and switch it on, and the smoke generator will create smoke. Operators can control and adjust the density and intensity of the smoke output with the remote. The remote features an auto timer function, extendible by an 8x-mode function. Hence operators have precise atmospheric control.

Technical Specifications

  • Coverage volume of 660m3 per minute (23307 cubic feet)
  • Fluid consumption (max) continuous effect output of 88 ml per minute
  • Quick ready time of 7 minutes
  • Wireless remote and 301 ducting kits included
  • Highly portable with a filled weight of 13.7 kg(30.2lb) and dry weight of 11.2 kg (24.7lb)
  • Typical power current requirements of 1200W, 5.3A @240V and 1050W, 8.75A@110V
  • Length- 485mm (19.1 in.)
  • Width- 335 mm (13.2 in.)
  • Height- 242 mm (9.6 in.)

Usage Areas

  • Firefighter training sites
  • Naval training sites
  • Military and defense training sites
  • Workplace fire extinguisher training
  • Industrial sites for visualizing airflow

200 Items
485 mm (19.1 in.)
242 mm (9.6 in.)
335 mm (13.2 in.)
Weight (Empty)
11.2 kg (24.7 lb.)
Weight (Full)
13.7 kg (30.2 lb.)
660 m3/min.
Fluid consumption
88 ml./min.
Idle time
7 minutes
Power Rating

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