Fire training

You might think it strange that we have put so much energy into making your fire training scenarios as uncomfortable as possible, but when the situation becomes real, we know you’ll understand.

Keeping your staff well trained through realistic simulations greatly increases their effectiveness if one day they are faced with the real thing. And if that time ever comes, effectiveness can mean the difference between life and death.

  • Fire Training - Why is it important?
    Fire Training - Why is it important?
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    Unexpected fires can be perilous. They don’t only pose a threat to property, but can also be fatal. Industries, businesses, and even homes are constantly at the risk of catching fires due to faulty electric wiring, overheating and gas leakage. Taking the right measures at the right time is crucial. This is why most employers in the UK rely profoundly on fire training using smoke machines. This creates an artificial stimulus of a fire, and equips trainees with the right set of skills to...

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  • Live Fire and Smoke Training: What You Need to Know
    Live Fire and Smoke Training: What You Need to Know
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    Quick action is the difference between life or death. Emergency personnel must respond quickly and thoughtfully when called to a scene. It's important these brave individuals receive adequate training to help keep a focused mind even in the face of disaster. Firefighters face many challenges during an emergency. They may face heavy smoke, large fires, collapsed buildings, and injured families. Live fire and smoke training are crucial at the beginning of their careers. If you want to learn...

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