• Building Testing
    Building Testing
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    Buildings can be pretty deceiving; the gaps and cracks in its fabric can almost never be identified by just looking at it. The truth is: a solid, long standing building with an apparently sturdy build, is mostly subject to infinite crevices and gaps. Leakages weaken the foundation of your buildings and lead to a loss of energy. They minimize the insulation of rooms and allow humidity to penetrate which can cause molds. Smoke is easily the best medium to detect membrane leaks, as it spreads...

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  • Fire Training - Why is it important?
    Fire Training - Why is it important?
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    Unexpected fires can be perilous. They don’t only pose a threat to property, but can also be fatal. Industries, businesses, and even homes are constantly at the risk of catching fires due to faulty electric wiring, overheating and gas leakage. Taking the right measures at the right time is crucial. This is why most employers in the UK rely profoundly on fire training using smoke machines. This creates an artificial stimulus of a fire, and equips trainees with the right set of skills to...

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  • LEV Testing and Air Tracing
    LEV Testing and Air Tracing
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    For many years, thousands of workers in the UK contracted various occupational diseases due to unhealthy exposure to dust, fumes and other airborne contaminants at work. Materials containing isocyanate are the main culprit! In order to lubricate workflow and ensure workers’ safety, most employers invest in a Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) system. LEV conducts a thorough dust extraction, cleaning the air off hazardous fumes before it can be breathed in.

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  • Leak Testing
    Leak Testing
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    Finding a leak in your infrastructure is like looking for a needle in a haystack! The search is unnecessarily tedious and time consuming. Leaks in your system can decelerate workflow and potentially injure the efficacy of your instrument. Hence, to extend the longevity of your airways, regular leak testing should be conducted. For this purpose, people all across the UK rely on smoke machines to identify infrastructural and instrumental leaks.

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  • Live Fire and Smoke Training: What You Need to Know
    Live Fire and Smoke Training: What You Need to Know
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    Quick action is the difference between life or death. Emergency personnel must respond quickly and thoughtfully when called to a scene. It's important these brave individuals receive adequate training to help keep a focused mind even in the face of disaster. Firefighters face many challenges during an emergency. They may face heavy smoke, large fires, collapsed buildings, and injured families. Live fire and smoke training are crucial at the beginning of their careers. If you want to learn...

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